Link Builders was founded in 2019 by Justin Davis, an off-page SEO and link building specialist. 

There are a few purposes of the Link Builders website:

  1. An informational/educational SEO blog on link building related topics
  2. A place to publish blog articles and case studies
  3. A place to send possible new customers for a better understanding of how Link Builders can help them improve their position in search results.

History of Link Builders

Justin began doing SEO full-time in 2014 as a freelancer for various companies. After a few years he decided to specialize in what he was best at – building high quality backlinks.

Over the next few years and dozens of clients, Justin honed his link building skills by testing what really worked (and what did not work so well!) This resulted in the proprietary winning strategy he continues to perfect.

Backlinks are the main focus.

Nowadays, link building and off-page SEO is the sole focus of Link Builders’ marketing efforts. The agency is able to take on projects of scale by employing highly trained SEO freelancers and organizing efforts that result in maximum outputs (often measured by # of high quality backlinks gained!)

Years of experience in backlink building also means that results are predictable. Link Builders will forecast results and sign on the dotted line stating we guarantee certain results from link building campaigns.

Link Builders is a smart SEO agency.

The bulk of required efforts of link building campaigns are in prospecting to find high quality backlink targets. Our agency has custom tools created just for us that improve efficiencies by over 30%.